Plastic Fabrication in Medicine

Plastikos a greek word is the origin of the word plastic. Any material that is made up semi synthetic or purely synthetic solid is called a plastic. Plastics have an unusually high molecular mass and they often include other compounds inside them that lower the production cost and improve the aesthetic quality. Being very malleable plastic can be manufactured and then cast into a variety of shapes. The use of plastic fabrication has brought about a revolution in the medicine industry.

Plastic and the process of MRI

The usage of plastic in the industry has revolutionized the medical industry. One of the key recipients of this revolution is the MRI machine. Doctors all over the world were concerned about the safety processes that surrounded the usage of MRI. Magnetic resonance imaging depends upon the usage of a super sized magnet which can attract any metallic object within its range.

The problem was that metallic objects fly towards the MRI machine and can become a health risk. All equipment surrounding MRI machine is now created in plastic. In fact tools which were utilized for installation of MRI were also created out of plastic.

Improving eyesight of millions

People who have been burdened by the weight of heavy metallic frames since years have been able to improve the quality of their lives due to the entry of plastic. Firstly the size and the weight of frames have been reduced due to the incorporation of plastic. Customers now have a wider and more appealing range of frames to choose from. Consumers who do not want to wear frames at all also have the option to choose from a wide variety of contact lens which is again made from plastic.

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