Plumbing Problems During Winter

Heating systems if not covered properly lose their ability to heat the whole home well. This irregular heating is one of the worst things that many people face during winters. Thus an emergency plumber should always be kept informed about the heating system and a correct maintenance becomes necessary even before winter sets in. A plumber might either cover the heating system or might change the meter and wires as required.


Air leaks

As the winter sets in your should ensure that your electrical outlets, kitchen pipes, water pipes and dryer vents do not have any open space through which the air may leak. In case you find such leaks you have to ask the plumbers to insulate these leaks using caulk. Preventing these leaks avoid unnecessary damage to the house.


Install a faucet

When you realize that the temperature is going to fall down during the winter months, always install a faucet on the outdoor side of the house. This faucet helps in letting go of all the warm water from inside the home to the outdoors and helps in keeping the pipes from freezing. These faucets should always be open during winters to avoid clogging of water in the pipes.


Check for septic

Homeowners should always get the septic levels examined by emergency plumbing during the winters. If the septic level is high, it leads to unnecessary excavations and sewage backups, which are harder to perform.


Equipment to unclog

If it is a simple clog, it will not take more than a few minutes to remove it. You can do it with hand or by inserting something to remove the clog. However, if the underlying problem is serious and the root of the problem somewhere deep inside the drainage system, you would require specific equipment to open and clean the system.

Downpipes and gutters are important part of the plumbing system of your house.