Points of Comparisons between Web Design and Development

The terms web design and web development is often mistaken as the same. In a nutshell, web design is the process of creating a website usually for business purposes. On the other hand, web development is the process of making the website work once it has been uploaded on the server. Web design and development are used when an entrepreneur wishes to increase the wings of his business by becoming visible on the internet.

Web design explained

Web design is the process of creating a website for a business. The tasks of the web designers are to create a shell or a page layout which includes all the elements about the company, such as company logos, photos, blogs or testimonials, among others. As mentioned earlier, web design and development are two different entities. The web designer can create graphics for the company with the help of adobe Photoshop, Corel draw, among others.

The web designer, being the architect of the website, is responsible for uploading photos, combine colors and fonts to make the website attractive to the target market. Most of the time in web design and development, the web designer is tasked to study the profile of the target market and find out what they find appealing and not.

After the website has been created, it is now time to proceed to web development.

Web development explained

Now that you have an attractive website, what is the next step? The task of the web developer is to upload the website on the server and make sure that it is functional. By functional in the process of web design and development, it means that the website can be accessed by the users and at the same time, the users can ‘communicate’ with the website. For instance, queries like available sizes for a particular product. The task of the web developer is more technical whereas the web designer is more creative. Web developers write codes such as HTML which is the language of the computer, so to speak. These codes are the back-end of a website. They make sure that the shopping carts, verification of paying methods, online forums are working, among others. The web developers are also responsible for the loading speed of the website.

In short, the point of comparison between the web design and development is that the web design is the creative side while the web development is the technical side of the creation of a website.