Prepare The House For a Pest Inspection

Pests like the ants, cockroaches, rodents, termites and others should be terminated immediately. The attic space should not be blocked or concealed from the pest inspector as it may reflect poorly on you while selling the space. The items in a closet should be removed and bagged for safe keeping thus helping the inspection to move smoothly.

The home if it is on a raised foundation the inspector needs to go to the house for inspection and he should have full permission to do the same. You need to understand that pest inspection does not require any invasive techniques or digging as it would damage the foundation thoroughly. Many pest inspections are undertaken by means of futuristic technology like thermal imaging which would help in catching the pests lurking out of your sight. You need to provide the pest inspector with a free access to your room as the inspection can work in your favour. You can undertake the relevant pest control based on the results of the pest inspection and then negotiate a better price with the buyer.



You can remove the items from the sides of the garage to the centre of the room as the inspector can then remove the recommendation to inspect the garage thoroughly in his subsequent reports.


Keep the garden clean

It would be useful to trim those bushes and wall creepers so that the pest inspection can thoroughly inspect the foundation and the walls.

Pest Control can help the company understands more about your home and analyses what kind of medicines are required. This analysis will help them use the right products and target the source of the problem and prevent it from occurring in the future.

Insect killers, lightings and fans are the things that you need to have a party.