Professional Photography Session

Your belly tends to swell up to a cute round during your carrying period and capturing this at the right point of time becomes essential. So it is good to inform your photographer in advance about the timing of your maternity photography and schedule the whole session appropriately. This way you can pose well while looking happy and comfortable in your pictures. The right timing will also reduce the discomfort you may feel due to the bloated belly.

Discuss on the photo types

It is always good to discuss with your photographer in advance about the type of photos you are expecting from your shoot. You can choose the locations which will add to the magic created by the lenses and also use a few small props like baby shoes, toys, sonagraph images or stuffed animals which is important to you and your family.

Complete your look with makeup

Right kinds of makeup makes you skin look even more glowing and fabulous during your maternity photography. Make sure that you moisturize your hands, knees and elbows with a good body lotion and use cocoa-butter to hide your stretch marks from the camera lens. You should also make it a point to manicure your nails and apply a soft nail colour to match with your attire. Face powder when applied on shiny spots helps in providing the right clarity. Also avoid using any moisturizer on your belly, as it may give a glared look to the photograph.