Questions to Ask Your Timber Flooring Supplier

To buy timber flooring, you need to ask your flooring supplier a lot of questions. After all, you only want the best possible flooring for your home. To help, we listed the set of questions every homeowner should ask:

How much do I need to spend?

This is the first question you need to ask your installers. Most of the time, installers give a free quote. They will go to your home or establishment and measure your flooring. They will also tell you what type of timber flooring is available in your area. Just make sure to ask them if their estimated price is close to the actual price. This way, you can prevent unexpected costs and you will know if it is suited to your budget or not.

What is the warranty coverage?

Know the type of warranty and its coverage. There are some that offer at least one year warranty on the materials while some only cover the installation. You must also request for the copy of the policy to know the restrictions and coverage. This is important to protect your home from any loss and damage.

How long will it take to finish?

You shouldn’t hire a contractor that can’t give you a timeline. You surely don’t want to be clueless about this. A good company can give you a schedule of when will they start the actual installation. However, you must not rush them and give them enough time to finish their job.

Are you licensed?

Don’t just take their word  for it. Ask for proof that they can operate in the area. Ask them about what organisation they belong to and if they can show their certificates, permits, and other documents. If they failed to give you anything, it’s best to opt for another company.