Repair Your Bamboo Flooring

One of the best choices for flooring, is bamboo. This will surely get you with many advantages, thus worth taking in your considerations. If there is anything you need to know about your bamboo floor, it would be fixing any damage that may occur.

Fixing damage of bamboo floor comes with ease, this is one of the reasons why a lot of people take this in to their consideration. The maintenance of bamboo floor Perth is just too easy, thus maintaining its smoothness, shine and good looks could be done almost in a snap.

Proper fix for your bamboo floor

Assess the damage

This is the first you need to work on, assessing the damage of your bamboo floor will allow you to provide the right fix, expense you need to prepare and solutions you need to apply. Assess the extent of the damage and strategize how to fix it.


One of the most common damage you could notice on floors made of bamboo would be scratches. Bamboo is highly prone from scratching, thus it is necessary that you try to keep your floor out of objects that could possibly scratch them.

Know the depth of the scratch, if the scratch is just shallow, you can make use of the solutions being sold in the market. They are just effective though removing shallowest scratches. Deeper scratches may require you to sand your floor and coat them after. Although, easy, you still need to be very careful to ensure that finish will be smooth and same level across.


Assessing the extend of the damage may be required for instances of stains. Some stains could easily be removed by simple wiping or mopping with the use of soap and water. You need to make sure though that your mop is not too moist or better dry out wet areas the soonest time possible, as liquid sitting too long on bamboo may cause discoloration and softness.

If the stain is just too stubborn to remove, then it is high time to sand your bamboo floor and coat it after. Stained floor may look a little off, thus maintaining the smoothness and spotless character of bamboo is just too attractive to see.

Broken boards

You have no other way to fix broken boards than replacing them with new ones. Make sure that you remove the boards carefully and replace it exactly as how you installed your bamboo floor the first time.