Rules When You Will Have Your Wedding In Vacy Hall

Nowadays, there are so many ways carry on a wedding. In fact there are now a number of people who have their wedding abroad like they only invite people who are really close to them. If you want to do the same thing, you can get married in Toowoomba. The good thing with this city is life is not that expensive and at the same time, it has a hotel where you can have the wedding and at the same time, you can also have the honeymoon. Yes, and I am talking about Vacy Hall.

Vacy Halll has wedding packages that one can choose and they are the:

– Midweek – $4500
– Weekend Classic – $5100
– Platinum – $7850
– Diamond – 11950

You can check the details about these packages from their official online link. They are explained in detail and even the inclusions of each of them. While each of the packages above has their own inclusions, a wet weather option can be added to each of them. It can be done in the hallway of the hotel. For details about this, again, you can check their online page.

Here are some of the things to watch out when availing the wedding package:

wedding venue

1. The moment you book for the wedding package, you have to present a valid debit or credit card. You are required to pay half of the amount due and the balance must be paid 4 weeks before the scheduled wedding as well as all the other details of your event. Note that anybody can book online thus it means that anybody can also prevent you from getting the room you wanted. So, if you are already sure you will spend your wedding in Vacy Hall, then you should book for it right away.

2. If there are amendments, note that you will be charged of $30.

3. If by chance you want to cancel, you must at least do it 6 months before your booked schedule to get the full refund. However, if you will cancer closer to your booked schedule, then your reservation fee will be forfeited. Besides, you will be allowed to change the details of your booking up to 3 months before the big day so be sure that everything is really well thought of before then. When doing the cancellations, just send an email to

4. If you want to use rose petals and some other paper party poopers, note that they are only allowed inside the building of Vacy Hall. No candles will be allowed as well.

5. They don’t permit parties and only those guests that are in the list will be allowed in the room.

6. All of your guests should be considerate with the other guests thus alcohol as well as the volume of music should just be moderate.

So these are all about the wedding package in Vacy Hall. You should book right now if you want to get your preferred date. Reserve your Toowoomba wedding venues now.