Tahiti Wedding and Honeymoon in Tahiti

One of the big attractions in a Tahiti wedding and honeymoon is that it is the perfect opportunity for an escape into the South Pacific and the opportunity of staying in a bungalow with private access through a private deck into the beautiful lagoons or the opportunity of taking it easy in a hideaway with thatched roof with all the amenities of a quality hotel. It is easy to get their because| Air Tahiti Nui operates two non-stop flights per day, taking only eight hours from Los Angeles with minimal requirements because Tahiti is in the same time zone as Hawaii. Under local law, citizens of Canada and the USA can get legally married and everything can be arranged through a local travel agent. The opportunity may also be taken to a range of traditional Tahiti wedding with all the trimmings of flowers, local dancing and music.

The islands of Tahiti

Since the late 18th century after the Mutiny on the Bounty, the islands of Tahiti have been drawing visitors because of the scenic beauty and the friendliness of the local Polynesian people. After the movie was made, Marlon Brando ended up owning a local island as well as a local wife. The over water bungalow is now the epitome of Paradise and the 118 islands combine with fewer crowds, French Polynesia is the ultimate South Pacific experience. This is a place where romance and love is part of the atmosphere of a Tahiti wedding and it is easy to see why honeymooners come here.

The integrated wedding and honeymoon

Traditional wedding ceremonies such as a Tahiti wedding are becoming more popular, especially with the ease of modern travel and can be held in any part of the world at affordable prices. This provides couples with the widest possible choice for weddings and honeymoons and an experience which is unique and completely different. In the past, people would get married elsewhere and travel to the honeymoon destination, but today it is possible to integrate the experience of the wedding and the honeymoon. Tahiti offers the ultimate experience with the combination of beauty and the exotic experience. Not without reason, have the islands attracted celebrities such as the artist Paul, Gauguin, in addition to Marlon Brando. This is the perfect spot for the Tahiti wedding followed by the honeymoon.

Western wedding or traditional

When it comes to a Tahiti wedding, western weddings are not very different because they hadn’t used to be a French colony, and therefore observers most western legal procedures. The wedding needs to be verified and certified at the city hall concern. However, couples can have the choice of going for a traditional Tahiti wedding where the ceremonies can be arranged to their specific requirements. The local ceremony means that couples will be mad at in a local house by the local priest and press in local wedding clothes. This is the kind of event that couples will remember for the rest of their lives.