The advantages of dry foam carpet cleaning

When a carpet gets soiled on and gets dirty, there are a number of ways in order to get that carpet cleaned and one of them using dry foam. Dry foam carpet cleaning is just one of those techniques. Dry foam carpet cleaning is not 100% dry as the breakdown of this carpet cleaning method actually involves 10% of water in order for the foam to be activated. The process then goes as follows: the dry foam powder is mixed with water and applied on the floor. A special machine is then used which activates the solution as well as spreads it all over the carpet. Once this is done, the foam and the carpet are left to thoroughly dry off and is vacuumed to complete the cleaning process.

With dry foam as your carpet cleaning method of choice, what advantages can you get from it? Here are three advantages known advantages given by the using the dry foam method.




Faster drying time

As mentioned earlier, dry foam carpet cleaning still requires an amount of water in order for it to work. However, the water is merely just a 10% of the total solution percentage. With only 10% of the water present in the solution, drying time for the carpet will not take so much as compared with other clean solution. The dry foam method allows users to take full advantage of the drying time as it can be used after the foam and carpet has been dried and vacuumed. This saves them the hassle of having to wait for several hours for their carpets to be used.


Can be at par with hot water extraction method

When it comes to carpet cleaning, the hot water extraction method is perhaps the best method around but the dry foam method also delivers a good deal of carpet clean and can actually be nearly as good as the hot water extraction method. The reason for this is that soiling the dry foam method covers a good area of the carpets and effectively breaks down soil from clinging onto the carpet’s fibers. In effect, this not only cleans the carpet thoroughly but also protects it from getting soiled in the future which is yet another benefit.


Availability of the machine

The machine used for the dry foam method can be easily rented in hardware shops. The dry foam method also perfect for beginners who are exploring carpet cleaning as this method is easy to do and can spare the person the woes of complicated carpet cleaning.

There are other type of carpet cleaning method that is being used by professionals. Depending on your preference, these methods can be done by the professional Adelaide Carpet Cleaners.