The Most Common Air Conditioning Issues (And Solutions!)

Once you have decided to buy an item, it is advisable to get the help of the experts so they can recommend the appropriate horsepower based on the area of the room. This is important because if the horsepower is too small for the size of the room, the tendency is for it is to work harder which leads to higher electric bills and fast deterioration of the compressor. Thus, always get the services of the air conditioning company.

Improper way of operating the air conditioner can cause various issues. Once you turned on the air conditioner, be sure that all windows and doors are closed otherwise the machine of the air conditioner will work harder which can result in breakdown. In addition, a badly installed AC will also lead to breakdown and this is why it is best to get the service of professionals.

Listed below are some of the most common issues of air conditioners:

1) Get the services of air conditioning company for regular maintenance. If the filters are too dirty, the compressor will not function optimally. It is advisable for you to check and clean if necessary the filters every 2 weeks. If you begin to feel that the AC is no longer cooling well, then check immediately the filter.


2) Refrigerant leaks. If the refrigerant is the issue, it could be due to badly installed AC. The air conditioning service provider will conduct tests and then charge the AC with the right level of refrigerant. The AC will function at its best if the refrigerant’s level matches the specifications of the manufacturers. By getting the services of the professionals, your AC will provide you with the appropriate cooling.

3. Turning off and on the AC frequently will surely affect its functionality.

4) Sensor problems might also happen. The thermostat sensor measures air’s temperature and if the sensor is not working normally, the AC will not cool well.

Take good care of your ACs by getting the services of Sunshine Coast air conditioning for regular maintenance.