The Top Five Must-Try Herbal Tea Types

Tea is known to be a herbal type of plant, and this is guaranteed to be something that can provide us a lot of health benefits. There are lots of tea types, and there are different people that have their preferred taste when it comes to some fine tea. Some even pick their own recipes so that they can make the finest tea that they will really love to drink. There are also some that tend to grow tea for their own, free benefit at home if they want to take a sip of some relaxing beverage.

For those who are really interested when it comes to drinking tea, take note that there are various types of it. But what we’re going to tell you are the top 5 herbal tea types that a lot of people love. The fact that these are loved by a lot became the reason why they are a must to get for you if you like tea as well. Here are the following must-try herbal tea types:

  • Lavender Tea

This is known to be one of the best flavors in the whole world. This is served as a hot tea, and is known to be great for relaxation especially on a fine weekend. This is usually consumed during afternoon whenever you want to take a break, or during the night as you finish eating a heavy dinner with the family. We all know how fragrant lavender is, and expect that this tea also has that very fragrance which is why this is totally lovely. This is perfect for insomnia and stress as well.

  • Rosemary Tea

This type of team is known to be really fragrant just like its lavender counterpart, and is also used with meat as an ingredient as well. This is known to be very healthy as it aids your digestive system, and is known to be really relaxing for the nerves and muscles. This is also perfect for your liver and lungs as well as it can relieve some problems in it.

  • Green Tea

Undeniably the most popular tea in the world, but falls on the third because there are more teas that are beneficial for the body. This team has lots of health benefits, and serves as an antioxidant as well. This has the capability to lessen the risk of cancer, and is known to be perfect in cleansing cigarette components for smokers in their body. This tea contains benefits that are totally perfect for the whole body as it has a LOT to tell!

  • Chamomile Tea

This is famous around the world as well. This is perfect for digestive problems, and is capable of making you feel more calm. This is great against stressful days because after work and dinner, this is perfect to drink indeed. This is perfect to drink before you go to bed since it can combat insomnia, and totally relaxes the body and mind to prepare you for a good night’s sleep in a very natural way!

  • Black Tea

This is known to be the most nutritious tea among all herbal tea types, and is more potent that green tea! Black tea is known to be perfect against cancer, good for the heart, a well-known fat burner, fights cough and colds well, great for arthritic people, and boosts immune system. The benefits that most tea has can be found in this type of tea, and is totally relaxing to drink at any time of the day as well.

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