Things to Keep in Mind when Planning a Baby Shower for the First Time

Baby shower is a celebration where women gather to shower gifts on the expectant mother and share tips about motherhood. Baby showers are especially celebrated for the first child. However, it is slowly becoming a common phenomenon and celebrated for second and further child too. Planning a baby shower for the first time can be pretty challenging. You need to have sufficient equipments to make sure you don’t fall short of anything and the celebration goes on well.


If the baby shower is supposed to be an intimate one and is not a surprise for the expectant mother, then you can invite guests based on her preference. If it’s a surprise party, then take the personality of the mother into consideration before inviting friends. Don’t invite a large group of extroverts when you know the lady is shy. Also, ask her in advance if she is ok with male friends and/ or couples or she would only prefer women attending the function. The ultimate aim is to make the expectant mother happy and not shy and uncomfortable.


You can also incorporate a few games during the event. Games are one of the ways through which guests can socialize with each other. You can have a few small prizes for the winners too. You can go through hundreds of ideas available online and select a few for your event. However, if you are organizing games, make sure you don’t mess up with the timings, stationery or play something that’s rather boring.