Things You Need To Know About Industrial Deafness and Claims

What is industrial deafness?

Industrial deafness is a case, when someone gets their deafness from the nature and environment of their work. This deafness is something that you cannot get instantly, it takes time or long duration before one might get impacted of this problem.

Thus, compensation for industrial deafness is being given to those people who get affected by this sickness. What you need to know though is how to claim it and the total amount of compensation for industrial deafness.

If you plan to file a case to get compensation for industrial deafness, you need to prepare the following requirements:

  • Providing a certificate of your work capacity that can be used to diagnose your industrial deafness case.
  • The claim should be taken while:
  • You are considered a worker from the “workers compensation and rehabilitation act 2003. If you do not fall under this requirement, you may find it hard to file a case and get your compensation for industrial deafness.
  • You can be temporarily unemployed but was an employee or a worker before
  • It should be filed within the 12 month of your formal retirement.
  • The patient should be employed for at least 5 years in an environment that may serve them industrial deafness.

How to determine the compensation for industrial deafness

It will actually depends on different factors, factors such as your condition, the graveness or impact of the deafness, the percentage of hearing etc. You need to undergo series of hearing assessment with an audiologists to ensure that things will be treated fairly to all parties involved.

This is something that you never want to happen to you, even if there is compensation for industrial deafness, of course there is nothing better than living your life as normal as possible, but unfortunately, things happen, thus you just need to find a work around. Industrial deafness, is a disability that can be avoided by others but not for some. Some can decline working in a noisy environment but for others they cannot, thus if in any case you know that the nature of your work may impact you negatively, especially industrial deafness, then you should know your rights before hand. Let your employers discuss to you the benefits you can get, in any cases, hopefully not of course, that you might get industrial deafness due to your work environment. Ask and make sure that you are fully covered before starting to work with any companies that will need you to work in a very noisy environment.

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