Through the Lens of a Wedding Photographer

Taking wedding pictures is a big task. It is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that speaks a thousand words. There are many shots to take-some from a distance while others in a close range position. It can be complicated because of the number of people to include in the wedding pictures, the many emotions to capture, and the pacing of events. A wedding photographer must have a keen eye for detail and must be astute when it comes to knowing the right moment to take a very emotional shot. Wedding photographers use different kinds of accessories so as to capture in print all the special moment in a wedding.


Not just one but two is the most ideal number of cameras a wedding photographer brings in a wedding photo shoot. The first camera is needed to take shots from a distance while the second camera is needed for shots that are located in an enclosed or small area like hotel room or chapel. A photographer finds it convenient to switch cameras rather than changing the kind of lens needed.


A wedding photographer uses lens with large apertures to accommodate more light, especially in cases when the wedding is held in the afternoon or at night time. The most common lenses used in wedding photography are 24 to 70mm with an aperture of f/2.8 and 70 to 200 mm with the same aperture. But some wedding photographer also uses ultra wide angle lens to accommodate more people in the field. Different kinds of lenses are used during the duration of the wedding- a wide angle lens is used during the reception while the zoom lens is used during the ceremony.


The use of flash is prohibited in some portions of the wedding, such as during the exchange of vows. But in cases where flash is necessary, a speed lite is used which can be manipulated through a remote control.

Memory cards

A wedding photographer takes with him more than one memory card. The average number of shots taken during a wedding is six hundred shots.

Hand-held flash meter

A wedding photographer takes with him a hand-held flash meter so as to have an idea as to the kind of exposure he gets from using different kinds of lens and apertures.

It takes a trained eye to capture all the best moments in a wedding ceremony. Through the lens of a photographer, the most momentous events are captured.


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