4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Tile Stripping

Installing a new flooring is a tremendous work for both the homeowner and the contractor. Before the professionals arrive at your home, make sure you’re already done with a few things. Here’s how to prepare for the tile stripping:

Cover the air conditioner ventilation

The one thing that you should worry about is dust. There would be a massive amount of dust in the house when the experts perform different activities. Homeowners must be ready before the contractors blow up dust in the place.

Protect the air conditioner by covering the vents with a plastic or masking tape. Make sure that all sides are covered to avoid complications. You can do it on your own, but if the appliance is placed too high, try to contact your air conditioning services provider.

Remove the doors

Most floor installer would require removing doors in different rooms. This is because it makes the job harder for the workers since a partial part of the floor is covered by the door. Safely remove these things and store in a dry place. Make sure to separate each door with a blanket to avoid scratches and dents during tile stripping.

Remove everything from the walls

Picture frames that are hanging on the wall must be removed too just like the furniture. The equipment that will be used on the activity cause subtle movements so hanged items can be pulled down. It’s better to remove everything so contractors can easily do tile stripping without causing any damages.

Cover electronic appliances

For the mounted television on the wall, you can use a heavy blanket to protect it from dust and dirt. Ovens in the kitchen can be protected by covering them with plastic sheets. If possible, homeowners can hire experts to remove these items from the house. After all, it’s for your own benefit since nothing will be damaged.

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