Tips for Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning methods are bit hard and full of effort. If you are dealing with this stuff then definitely you know that carpets need maintenance. But carpet cleaning with proper method is easy. After sometimes your carpet smells irritating. Carpets need little attention and effort and they will be as clean as new. Here we are telling you some simple and easy ways to get rid of stains and odour.

Carpet shampoo is the popular way of carpet cleaning. You can find different brands in these shampoo and have to follow instructions written on the bottle. Make the solution as written, because some solution needs to be diluted with water. Cover the affected area of carpet and don’t use much shampoo it will make your carpet wet and smelly. Scrub with brush, remove the shampoo and let it dry. Once the carpet is dry vacuum it. For sticky items like bubble gum. Use ice cube it will harden the gum and gum will leave the carpet. For smell mix vinegar and water equally and apply to the smelly area with cloth. Baking soda also absorbs smell that hide among the fiber. Salt is also good for removing stain and smell from carpets. You can also go for carpet powder for carpet cleaning other than shampoos. There is another way to clean carpet is to spill cold water over stain and slowly rub it with the piece of towel but don’t rub it across it will make the stain larger. Repeat this process until the stain become invisible. For carpet cleaning purpose you can also mix detergent powder with water. Carpets need to be vacuumed two times a week. It will prevent excess build up of dirt on your carpet and will soak dirt time to time. The best remedy for carpet cleaning is ordinary shaving cream. Apply the shaving cream directly on stain and leave it for 30 minutes. Clean it with the piece of cloth, after cleaning spray water and vinegar solution and wipe the area with cloth. Dishwasher detergents also works for carpet cleaning and for grease stains, but for larger stains repeat it. To remove candle wax from your carpet put cloth on wax and put warm iron on cloth, as soon as wax starts to melt wipe it off with cloth. Don’t put it so long or your will be at risk of burning and it’s stain will be so bad if you have light colored carpet.

Deep cleaning is important for carpets. With the help of carpet cleaners Sunshine Coast, no dust will be there after doing vacuum deeply.