Tips on Buying and Choosing Shoes for Casual Attire

You must have heard about the term “clothes maketh the man”. Well, the phrase should actually be modified to say “shoes maketh the man”. There is no piece of accessory that determines the effectivity of a particular look than a pair of well chosen shoes. The type of shoes you wear will make or break your look.

Look at Moccasins

Moccasins are the best and the most casual options in men’s shoes right after sneakers. If you are walking in to an informal gathering or attending a party thrown by a friend then choose men’s designer shoe in dark leather hues and get rid of your socks for a relaxed, comfortable feel. You can choose to wear a pair of brightly coloured pants to spruce up your look. The small lace bow on top of moccasins makes it look really look dressy so avoid buying moccasins in bright colours.

Buy the versatile Derby

The Derby looks a lot like the formal Oxford shoes but they have a much more casual and friendly look. You will get great looking Derby’s in men’s designer shoe stores. These shoes look great with sports coats, slouchy pants in unusual colours and jeans. Stock up on at least two different Derby’s in your wardrobe to be ready for any casual event that comes up.

Now that you know all the types of shoes which can be worn for casual events, you can choose which suits your aesthetic sense.