Tips on Choosing Sizes for Shade Sails

Shade sails are great outdoor shades, if you want to enjoy the brightness of the sun, and still stay protected from the harmful radiations. These can be set-up in your garden or lawn. These items are commonly popular in lawn clubs too, where people can gather for drinks or just to catch-up. While these come in various shapes, designs and styles, choosing the right size often becomes a challenge. An expert can tell you which one is better – but you can also research on the internet to select the right one for you. Purposes differ and so will the sizes.

Based on the location

Size should primarily depend on the location of your home or commercial space like a coffee shop. If you stay in a place which experiences high temperatures frequently, you should opt for a larger sized shade sail. This will cover a larger area and provide enough shade. However, if you stay in a place with less sunlight, you can have a smaller sail. This will help enjoy the warmth of the sunlight, but still stay in the shade, if you are complexion conscious person.

Based on the requirement

Size of shade sails also depends on requirement. If you are using it for your home, or for personal use, where the number of people expected is lesser – you can have a smaller sail above. Smaller ones are enough to cover a few people. If you are using it for commercial purposes, for parties or for arrangements involving large number of people, you should definitely go with the larger one.

Based on knit density

A few people also select sizes based on knit density. Knit density determines how much sunlight will pass through the shade sail. If you have a thickly knit sail, you can still manage with a smaller sized one. It provides enough shade. It can be placed higher, in case you want the sail to cover a slightly larger area.

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