Tips on Choosing the Right Drink Fridges

Different beverages have different optimum recommended temperature for storage so you should check the specifications on the bottles first. Keep the temperature in a range which will be conducive to the storage of the bulk of your beverages. Some drink fridges have double cooling zones where you can set two different temperature zones for two kinds of drinks. Your decision should be based on the kind of beverages that your cafe/restaurant or store stocks.

Inspect the features

When you are investing money in purchasing drink fridges then it’s obvious that you will be thinking about the return on your investment. Is very important that you do a short market survey to find out which features you should be looking out for. The features of the drink fridge should be optimum for storing the particular kind of beverages that you happen to stock. Some common things you should look out for are temperature controls; digital or manual and the kind of technology used by the refrigeration system to cool its contents. Two basic technologies are popular in the current market; compressor and thermoelectric cooling systems. Most refrigerators in commercial kitchens will have either of these two types of technologies.

Check out the capacity

The drink fridge you choose should be capable of stocking the number of bottles you require at any point of time. Think about your existing beverage needs and also about dealing with the future fluctuations of the market. The demand will change with the season, timings and even the location so make sure you always buy a fridge that has a slightly larger capacity than what you are looking for. There is nothing worse than serving improperly chilled bottles to your customers so take adequate care to choose a refrigerator with a large capacity.

Think about customer service

You do not want to be left stranded after your fridge breaks down. Always choose to buy from a manufacturer who promises good after sale service and a decent warranty period. You will spare yourself a lot of headache if you are assured of prompt and efficient services.