Tips on Controlling Paper Wastage at The Workplace

Paper is one of the most important supplies of any workplace environment. Without it, conducting business becomes almost impossible. Paper supplies are of course affordable, but their cost is higher. This includes the use of printers and copiers, storing records and mailing correspondence. Reducing the use of paper supplies not only makes your workplace look neat, but it also helps green revolution. Recycling office paper is a good idea, but reducing is more cost effective.

Going Digital

Successful reducing of paper usage in workplace takes a lot of time and commitment. One of the most effective ways to reduce the usage of paper supplies is to go digital. Edit documents on screen rather than printing the documents or making hand-written corrections. Use e-mails instead of using printed office memos and faxes whenever possible. Using e-mails not only helps reduce the paper usage but also makes for a clutter-free environment. Needless to say, it is also a sophisticated way to go about your business.

There are plenty of computer applications and equipments available these days that are helpful for your every need. Use them instead of paper handouts. Some of them include overhead projectors and power-point presentations. Spread and share office newsletters and other important information electronically instead of doing them using paper. Also file your documents and order supplies electronically.


Recycling paper supplies is another effective way to control paper wastage. Start a paper recycling programme in your office or always buy recycled-content paper, preferably made without the use of chlorine.