Tips on Dressing for Gala Dinners

It’s not every day that you attend a gala dinner which is considered a high-society event attended by celebrities, royalty, socialites and the rich and famous. Naturally, the way you dress at such a high-society event is extremely important. The right type of dress will seal your place at such events while the wrong kind of dressing can upset all your dreams of belonging to such elite strata of society. That is why you must always buy your gala dinner dresses from a premier clothing brand such as RM Williams Clothing.

Gala dinners are special occasions where wealth, style, class and sophistication rules in all aspects; whether it’s the dress, the food or arrangements. Most gala dinners have specific dress codes for the attendees, which is usually a ‘black tie’ affair. Black tie dressing is more informal than ‘white tie’ code but more formal than casual dressing. In case you are still confused and don’t know what to wear, keep in mind the occasion or the host’s age and dress accordingly. In most cases, the host does mention the style of dressing required for such high-end dinners.

Men’s Dressing Style for Gala Dinner

For men, dressing for a gala dinner is somewhat simpler than women as they have fewer colour palettes and style options to choose from. The most common attire for men at gala dinners comprises a stylish jacket in midnight blue or classic black made from fine wool or polyester or silk. White or off-white coloured linen or silk shirts look best for such occasions and must be accompanied with a cummerbund or a waistcoat.

You can also avail a custom shirt for your gala.