Tips to Aspiring Wedding Photographers

We all know how costly it is to hire photographers for just a single event. Why not try to do it ourselves? Here are some tips on how to capture good photos during a wedding.

First, you should make a list of what or who you are going to take a shot of. Creating a shot list is probably one of the most helpful things to do before going on a shoot. This is to make sure all important scenes are captured. This will also ensure that you will not forget taking a picture of every significant moment in a wedding event. For example, the walking on the aisle of the bride, the kiss, the slicing of the cake, and many more. Do not also forget to include the smiles of everyone around.

Second, if you can take a look of the location first, it will surely be a benefit. Having a look on the location of an event will surely give you an edge on taking good pictures. This is because you will be able to know which angle is the best, which scenery will best to use as background. Befriend the venue of the event to ensure good scene.

Third, preparation is a must. You really have to expect the worst to be prepared. What if the weather’s not fine? What if you run out of batteries? You exceed the memory limit of the memory card? Always have back up. Bring extra batteries, memory cards and other necessary things you should bring on that day. And you definitely cannot forget your camera.

Fourth, on the day of the wedding, the shutter of your camera should be turned off. Why? The sound of shutter from your camera will not add to the perfection of the event, worse, it may even be a disturbance. Especially when everyone is silent because the couples are already exchanging vows, your shutter sound should not disturb that perfect scene.

Fifth, taking pictures of the small details of the wedding is also a must. This will give the album an extra dramatic feel. Take a picture of the rings, the gowns, everything down to the shoes of the groom and bride.

Sixth, you should use two cameras on the day of the wedding. Put different lenses on each camera. One wide angle lens which is great for candid shots and crowded shots and the other a longer lens for an individual or two person pictures.

Seventh, you can ask a friend who is camera enthusiast to help you out. This would mean less moving around during the entire ceremony. There can also be a division of labor, you can take the formal shots and your friend can take the candid shots. This will also mean less pressure on your side since you are not just the only who should have great shots on the event. But you could also consider availing the wedding photography service for the event.

Wedding photography is not as hard as you think. It can be just as easy as taking a family picture. All you have to remember are the angles and the smiles.