Top 5 Wedding Photography Styles

There are many wedding photography styles that brides and grooms can choose from. A good wedding photography may know a several different styles but some are better when it comes to one certain style than the rest. How do couples know which wedding photography style will suit their wedding best? To help you choose which wedding photography style to discuss with your wedding photographer, here are the top 5 most common and their elements:

1. Traditional wedding photography – Traditional wedding photography is the oldest wedding photography style. This was used back in the day when the wedding photographer needs to have subjects that stay very still because of the long camera exposures. Although this is a bit outdated, some couples still choose to have this style since it is the best way for the couple to have a picture with all of their guests.

2. Photojournalistic wedding photography – If you want your wedding photographer to take pictures that will tell the story of your wedding day, then you should discuss with him the photojournalistic wedding photography style. Although it can be interchanged with documentary wedding photography, photojournalistic wedding photography is more flattering and glamorous.

3. Candid wedding photography – Also known as the “fly on the wall” approach, candid wedding photography takes pictures of subjects that have no idea they are being shot. This style eliminates the posed appearance of the subjects. It highlights the original details and the real emotions of the people being photographed.

4. Artistic wedding photography – The quality of artistic wedding photos relies solely on the style and ability of the artist or the wedding photographer. Most artistic wedding photos use props and create photos that are stunning and trendy.

5. Contemporary wedding photography – Contemporary wedding photography style is like a fusion of all the current photography styles. This style involves both indoor and outdoor photography. The wedding photographer takes pictures from the start of the wedding to the end.

These short definitions of wedding photography styles may help you choose the photography style for your own wedding. Most wedding photographers can do a mixture of these styles. The best way to have the most amazing wedding photos is to hire a photographer who you feel comfortable with and whose work you love.

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