Types of Products you Can Use to Get your Home Windows Tinted

Tinting the windows of your home can dramatically transform your residence from a simple building or apartment to an uber cool structure that is the focus of the neighborhood. The tinting effect is achieved by installing special polyester films that have been treated with chemicals and metals and finished off with an extra coating of protective plastic. Apart from the looks, window tint Melbourne makes your home safer; more comfortable and also increases its equity value in the real estate market.

Products you can Use to Tint Windows At Home and Vehicles

There are several products that you can use to tint windows, such as tinted films, frosted films and others.

Tinted Films

The prime aim of tinted films is to reflect heat and sunlight away from the house and/or to absorb as much of heat and light as possible in order to keep the interiors cool and comfortable. Accordingly, two categories of films are available for window tinting. These are metalized or reflective films that can both absorb and reflect and dyed (non-reflective) films that are capable of only absorbing heat and light.

Frosted Films

Decorative or frosted films are ideally suited to ensure absolute privacy and prevent ‘overlooking’ without compromising on the entry of natural light inside your home. With frosted films on doors, you can easily create beautiful partitions for private spaces without investing in blinds or expensive remodelling. Moreover, the films are available in different designs ranging from the simplest to the ornate and you can just choose the right one according to your preference or the décor.