Usual Causes of Blocked Drains

Drain blockage is probably the most common plumbing issue. I doubt if there is a homeowner who does not encounter a drain blockage problem. Actually, this is not really something to be alarmed with as blocked drains are very common. If you will see how narrow the drains are, you will surely understand why they easily get blocked. This is the reason why, if you don’t want to meet problems like these as though they are simple they are still annoying especially when you are in a hurry, you must be careful when cleaning your sinks. There should always be a sink cover placed in its right position. Aside from that, hiring a licensed plumbing service to regularly check on your plumbing fixtures can also be a good thing as with their expertise, they can see if there are coming problems and will therefore deal with them right away so that you will not even know about them.

As we are talking about blocked drains here, let me explain to you some of the common situations that can end up to blocked drains:

– Leaves and roots can in time accumulate near your drains and they will soon create problems. So, if you notice that there are already a lot of them in your surroundings, it would be very helpful if you will have them cleaned.

– Grease and fats are another issue and actually the most common factors. However, these elements can be easily resolved. All you need to do is not to wash out any greasy utensils directly to the sink. You can use first deal with the greasy elements and throw them directly to your garbage cans before washing the said utensils in your sinks.


– Then your hairs. For sure you have noticed that almost after your every bath, there are faling hairs that are stocked on the drain cover. You should make sure to pick them before going out in the bathroom and throw them in your trash cans. If you will just leave it behind, chances are they will be washed out inside the drain as they can fit in the holes of the drain cover. In time they can surely generate a blocked drain.

– Foreign objects that are accidentally washed out into the drains are factors as well for blocked drains. There are times when soap residues, and other things will just be ignored, for sure they will be slowly dragged into the drains and can cause blockage in time.

– Poor workmanship is another thing. You see, the water pipes that are used in your drains are very delicate like they were installed accurately so that they will function properly. However, if they will be constantly disturbed due to some activities like renovations, extensions and so on, in time they will really generate problems like blocked drains.

Indeed blocked drains can cause a stressful day. However, you can skip situations like these if you will hire a licensed plumber to do regular check up in your place. Contact the Blocked Drains Sunshine Coast.