Ways to Ensure you Don’t Damage the Walls When Moving Homes

A lot of things can happen when you are moving from one place to another. You might scratch your wooden floors, break something on the way or damage the walls. You should be careful while moving, to ensure you don’t end up doing any of these. Whether it’s about handling removals properly or moving things slowly, you should ensure you are not leaving the old place in a dismal state. You just don’t want to increase your budget by paying fines and repairing the damaged walls. Here are a few ways to ensure you don’t damage the walls when moving home.

Careful planning

Through planning you make sure you are doing things at the right time and in the right way. Analyse the state of the walls and paints applied and adapt a process through which you won’t have to scratch through the walls while moving. Look at how wide the area is and how well you can move the items, without touching the walls. Make sure removals are carefully done, or done by Removals Adelaide.

Felt pads and Corner pads

When removing or adjusting your dresser, book stands or head boards, you can always use felt pads behind them. This way the walls won’t get damaged when adjusting these items or moving them. If you have to slide a surface on the floor, you should use corner pads to avoid scratching the walls on the way. Corner pads can be easily installed or removed as and when required.

Cover the items

Always cover all the items you are moving. Whether it’s your TV or any other expensive item – just cover them up. This way even if they hit the wall, they stay safe and the wall is left undamaged.

Do not rush

Do not rush with anything – whether it’s for the removals or the adjustments. Carefully plan the date when you’d like to shift. Begin early that day to avoid rushing at the last moment. If you rush, there’s a greater chance of not covering the walls and items properly, and banging on the wall and damaging it eventually.

Measure carefully

Another thing you should do is measuring the area carefully. Sometimes, the items are bigger in size and the area is smaller. You might think you will move the item somehow. If you are able to do so – great! If not, you will end up spoiling the wall surrounding it. So, make sure you know the measurements and don’t push the item through a place, if not possible to move.

Wrap walls

Always cover the items with a brown paper, towel or any other thing while moving. This way both the walls and the items will be protected from damage. Walls near high traffic areas like entrance to the main room, or near the bedroom or kitchen should be definitely covered, as the majority of the items will be moved in or moved out of these places. Walls near them are more vulnerable to damage. If you are hiring someone for removals, you can be assured of peace, as far as your walls are concerned.

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