Ways to Test the Coding Skills of Your Web Designer

A web designer must be armed with relevant technical details to take care of your website.Many websites are often forced to run on an almost profitless base. A good web designcan breathe fresh air into your project.

Web designer is ready to answer questions about his professional acumen. The answers to the queries hold the key to his skills. The success of a website depends on the coding skill of the designer.

A portfolio can bring out the passionate endeavours involved in web development. If the candidate had any prior experience with any other website, then those details can help you to take the conversation forward.

Give a Brain Teaser

Why don’t you consider giving a developer test in the guise of an innocent brain teaser? The print out of a web page which is photo shopped can be distributed among the prospective candidates. It must have a clear profile of a component tree which is semantic in nature. Ask the candidate to reach a conclusion in html. You can ask the individual to express his thoughts loudly. What is going on in his head must be translated into reality.

A lot depends on how the candidate deals with the topic.

Breaking down a design into its various semantic components is not an easy job. Distinguishing the primary from the secondary component does not follow the established rules of science or mathematics. A conversation can help you to single out an experienced individual from a beginner.