What Kind of Flowers are Commonly Used for Corporate Spaces

Flowers are the best tools to lift the mind and spirit. No decorative light or expensive painting can add so much charm and beauty to a place as flowers. People often buy bunches of beautiful blooms to make their home seem more beautiful and inviting. There is no reason why the same cannot be done for a corporate space. First impressions do mean a lot and the first time a new client walks into your office make sure that your corporate message is well represented by flowers.

Corporate spaces and flowers

A bunch of wild flowers on the hearth may brighten the ambience of a room but it will only make the corporate space seem cheap. Arranging flowers in a corporate space like high power lawns, meeting rooms, lobbies, offices and central banquet halls takes skill and an understanding of the environment. These places need to extend the users to stay awhile and the ambience needs to remain professional.

Artificial flowers do not have the positive energy and the sweet fragrance radiated by natural blooms. Fresh petals can add softness to a space, add value to your brand identity and convey your attitude of perfectionism to your clients. Here are some types of fresh flowers which can be perfect for your office space.


Crotons are more about the leaves than blooms. The foliage is dense, multi coloured and visually striking. There are thick stems which burst out into intense bursts of colour. You can place crotons in lobbies and reception areas as these plants thrive in fresh air.

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