What kinds of alarm systems are best suited for sprawling yard and lawn areas?

Security is becoming a matter of utmost importance given the increase in burglary rate in cities. In order to save your house from the uninvited intruders, a fully operational alarm system is must. You can have different tiers of security as well. By making use of different kinds of Alarm systems for different parts of the house, multiple tier security helps in protecting a bigger house more efficiently.


Motion detector

Lawns and yards cover a big part of the total area of the house. There are several ways by which intruders can enter the building if they are able to enter into the lawn. Therefore the yards act as the first wall of defense for your house, only if you are able to secure it properly. Motion detector sensor is a very good way to ensure the safety of the lawns. These detectors sense any kind of suspicious movement on the ground. So when anyone tries to barge in the lawn by climbing up the fences or by any other way, these detectors will be able to detect the movement of the person and will straightaway alert the house owner to take appropriate action. They provide good type of security by making sure that no one even steps on the yard.


CCTV cameras

Closed circuit TV cameras have become ubiquitous nowadays. Aside from security guards, every workplace, supermarket, parking lot and residential house have got installed a set of these highly efficient security setups. They are so widely used because of the kind of fool-proof security they provide.