What to Keep in Mind When Choosing Second Hand Commercial Ovens

Buying a second hand commercial oven can be a good choice as compared to buying a new range – especially when you are facing a budget crunch. Restaurant owners or hobby cooks at home who love throwing extravagant parties to show off their newly honed cooking skills, everyone will find buying a second hand oven a good idea for saving money while purchasing a coveted piece of kitchen equipment.

Tips when buying secondhand ovens

To get the most bang for your buck, follow these handy tips below that will help you find the best commercial oven possible option available.

Choose gas over other models

A gas powered oven is more reliable than an oven that runs on some other form of fuel, even as a second-hand buy. Do make sure of the fact that your restaurant or home has the same power source that is used to run the gas so that there are no problems faced later on.

Inspect the unit before buying

Whether you buy the oven from someone you know, or from a reputed dealer online or from a showroom that sells second hand products, always make sure to inspect the gadget thoroughly. If possible, ask for a live demo to see how the controls work and how the equipment functions at different temperatures. Pay lots of attention to door hinges and seals and pull out the main door to see if its seals properly. Also check for signs of corrosion on the steel and the pipes and so on.