What to Keep in Mind when Planning a School Excursion in a Wildlife Park?

School excursions are a lot of fun especially when they happen in a wildlife park. Children are fascinated by the unique flora and fauna found in parks. However kids have short attention span and wildlife parks are riddled with risk so it’s better that you take some safety measures to ensure that your group stays well protected.

Pack a safety kit

Make sure that that every child carries his or her own safety kit hen going on the excursion. The ingredients of the safety kit should be sunscreen, medicine to counter insect bites, hats, adequate rainwear and first aid stuff like bandages, cotton balls and antiseptic lotion. Instruct parents about this safety kit some days before the actual excursion takes place.

Ask parents to compile a list of the allergies their kids have. Some children have pollen grain allergy and this can create problems as forest areas are likely to have high concentrations of pollen grains. In such situations it’s advisable to give anti histamine tablets to the child one hour before the excursion. The other option is to ask parents not to send such children to wildlife excursion.

Don’t let children roam around unsupervised

In a wildlife park there are generally two demarcations. There are restricted areas and there are areas you can roam around in a car. There may be nature trails or paths which you will be allowed to access barefoot too. Whatever be the case don’t make the mistake of leaving children unsupervised. Periodically do a head count to ensure everybody stays together.

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