What You Need to Ask When Hiring Digital Antenna Installers

The television has become an important part of home entertainment system. Nowadays, digital TV has successfully dominated most of the household in Australia since it offers an excellent viewing experience as compared to the analogue TV. But keep in mind that digital TV needs a digital antenna. There are things that you need to consider when selecting a professional digital antenna installer.


The most common questions in this area are why digitalization, how will it affect the sound and picture quality, what happens if someone doesn’t shift to digital TV and how will digitalization be good against analogue one. Some other questions include suitability of ribbon cable, components required to be compatible with the antenna and why some antennas work fine on some TVs but present a blurred image on others.


Some questions regarding antenna is whether 10 year old antennas can receive digital signals, why are they installed so high, what will happen if they break, which end of it should be pointing towards the transmitter and so on.


Common questions for masthead are where one should attach masthead to the transmitter and how to correctly install the masthead. Some questions are also related to the picture quality, in case it goes down after the installation of masthead amplifier and splitter. Some also ask about the amplifiers, whether the older amplifier is compatible with digital components.

Warranty and coverage for losses

You might have a few more questions regarding your digital antenna. But some people do ask about the warranty that the professional is ready to provide, in case something goes wrong. You should definitely clarify these issues with your installer. Also, ask whether it is easy to replace parts which are damaged over a period of time. Ask them if they can provide instructions, in case you lost them. Also, ask them if there are things which can prevent proper reception, and result in poor picture quality or loss of signal. Last, ask them how to contact them easily in case it is required.

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