When is the Best Time for Sydney Harbour Boat Hire?

The Sydney Harbour is one of the most stunning harbours in the world that’s why it is a must to pay it a visit when you are in Sydney. The best way to admire the beauty of the Sydney Harbour is through a Sydney Harbour boat hire so you can enjoy the view of the entire harbour. Sydney Harbour boat hire is now famous among tourists and locals. Although the Sydney Harbour cruise can be enjoyed on ordinary days, the experience can be twice as fun and memorable if it is done during a special day.


There are Sydney Harbour boat hire for birthdays of all ages. You can choose a boat according to your budget. There are budget Sydney Harbour boat hire perfect for a kid’s birthday party and a luxury Sydney Harbour boat hire for older crowds. Consider how many guests you are inviting and the type of meal you plan to serve before booking a boat.


You and your partner can start your married life as a couple with a romantic wedding party at a Sydney Harbour boat hire. There are many options for your wedding package. You can opt for formal dining, buffet, or cocktail dining. To make the guests enjoy the scenic Sydney Harbour, you can book the upper alfresco style deck.

Corporate events

The best way to reward your staff or entertain your foreign clients is to take them to a cruise along the Sydney harbor. Sydney Harbour boat hire offer different activities for team buildings and company outings. Treasure hunting and yacht racing are just two of the exciting things you can enjoy with your colleagues.

New Year’s Eve

The New Year’s Eve is one of the events most of us are looking forward to. The best place to spend this special occasion is the Sydney Harbour which is strewn with sparkling lights. There are fireworks display during New Year’s Eve at the Sydney Harbour. The show will look even more spectacular if witness from a luxury boat provided by a Sydney Harbour boat hire company.

These are just a few of the events you can spend through Sydney Harbour boat hire. It is a unique way to make another lasting memory.