Why Select Our Restaurant

We fully understand your high standards in your choice of a place to wine and dine and this is why we highly recommend our place to you because we are confident that we will live up to all your expectations. We are consistently getting rave reviews because of the excellent services and the tastiest food we offer in our restaurant. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose to wine and dine with us over our competitors:


  • We serve good food. The taste of our food is simply amazing. Ours is not too salty nor too sweet, but just the right amount of herbs and spices to flavor your choice of meat and vegetables. Our chefs in the restaurant have been carefully screened so you can be confident that the food we will serve you will pass your high standards.
  • We only make use of the most freshest and organic ingredients. We do not believe in recycling the ingredients as this can only alter the taste of the food. In our restaurant, we buy the ingredients daily because we believe that all our customers deserve only the very best. In addition, we totally support our home grown ingredients and that is why we make it appoint to support our local farmers.
  • We offer a great selection of food preparations. We have something good for everyone. We have pasta dishes, sandwiches, steaks, grilled food, to name a few. In addition, to make it more exciting for you, our restaurant offers weekly menus so you can sample varieties in your food.
  • We offer a vast selection of drinks. We believe in wine pairing and that is why we have good wines that will go well with red meats, chicken, and fish. We also have beers of different kinds and fruit juices and other non alcoholic beverages.
  • Our restaurant can accommodate small and large number of people. So if you have a function with large numbers of attendees, we can reserve a function room for you.
  • On weekends, we also have some live bands so you can relax and unwind in our restaurant. And of course we also have a bar to boost.


Make a reservation now and Best restaurant Brisbane guarantee you that you will come back again and again. Our awesome services, the great food and drinks and the ambience will surely make you love our restaurant.