Why Should you Clean your Contact Lens?

You must be thinking “why should I take the trouble of cleaning my lens everyday when I can just do it at the end of every day?” To understand the answer you have to first know how eye contacts works. A contact lens settles over your eyeball like a second skin and cuts off the oxygen supply.

This leads to the formation of protein deposits over the lens surface. Once you clean the surface of the lens these deposits are sucked clean by the cleansing solution provided by your contact lens manufacturers. All it will take for is one to two minutes of your precious time to clean one pair of lens but this will save your eyes from dry eyes, eye rashes, redness and excess watering.

Give your eyes some breathing space

Ever noticed the way you find it hard to blink after you have worn your pair of lens for a very long time. Well this happens when your eyeballs get dry and the supply of natural tears is impeded in some way

Sometimes when you have an emergency work, you have to continue wearing your lens over the specified 8 hour limit. Typically this situation will cause dry eyes but there is an easy way out. Sanitise your hands, remove the pair of lens and then clean them thoroughly. In the meanwhile you can apply a soothing eye drop and wear back your lens after a brief rest. You will find that the problem of dry eyes has mostly disappeared.

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