Why Sleek and Simple Bathrooms Designs are more Popular Today

In 2013 “less is more” as designing sensibilities have taken a shift towards minimalism. The 80’s and the 90’s were all about drama and bling but modern homeowners all over the world have turned back to classic simple lines especially when dealing with home decoration. Seeing that your bathroom is a place where you spend quite some time in every day proper care should be taken to ensure that your bathroom design matches up to contemporary standards.

Why is simplicity the new favourite?

The answer might lie in the busy lives and hectic schedules people are subjected to everyday. Switch on the TV/Computer/ phone and you will be deluged by constant media feeds. Commute to office and you can see a whirlwind of noisy busy activity all around you. Consumerism and materialism has slowly jaded the senses and most of you will be actually reeling under too much pressure on your eyes and ears.

With so much stress all around isn’t it natural for all lading international designers to make a collective jump towards simple and sleek lines. When it comes to washrooms it’s all about muted earthy shades and understated accessories which give the bathing space a look of relaxed luxury.

Inspiration from nature

The ever increasing levels of pollution have motivated modern homeowners to stick to natural and organic products when it comes to choosing decorating ideas. A bathroom design is now about earthy hues, potted plants and natural trendy accessories like shell and wood products. Storage solutions are now made in natural fiber, jute and even exotic bamboo. The aim is to create a look of tranquility and peace which is lacking in the current busy era.

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