Your Cleaning Guide

There are different cleaning tools and equipment you can use for carpet cleaning. You can use vacuums and carpet steam cleaner. You can use vacuum cleaner that uses only the dry suction which helps you get rid of the dust and dirt on your carpet. Or you can do a carpet steam cleaning in which you have to use a steam cleaner that uses only water and a cleaning solution. The latter is best to use for the deep-seated dirt and stain, leaving your carpet clean and free from foul smell. Also, if you have pets at home, a steam cleaner should be used to remove pet hair and pet odours that stuck in your carpet.

The following steps will guide you on using the cleaner for the carpet steam cleaning session.

  • If you have your own carpet steam cleaner, then you better move all the furniture the way that it makes you easy to have access to the carpet for the steam cleaning. By doing so, you can quickly and easily remove the dirt and stains, and at the same time, you can protect your furniture from damage.
  • You vacuum the floors using the regular vacuum. It is better to vacuum the floors first┬ábefore steaming them. It will remove the dust and dirt on top, letting then the steam cleaner to focus on the deep-seated stains and grime. The steam cleaner will definitely work efficiently on a vacuumed carpet.
  • Carpet steam cleaning needs water and the cleaner. So in using the cleaner, fill it with water and a bit of cleaning chemicals, some steam cleaners has a bottle for detergent. You can also use carpet shampoo for better result. But make sure you read the directions before using any cleaning solution; it may damage your carpet if not properly used. Before using the carpet steam cleaner, plan ahead how to clean the entire room efficiently. It is recommended that you begin cleaning in the far corner so you will not miss any spots.

Then, when the carpet steam cleaning is done, let your carpet dry completely before replacing the furniture back to their position, or before walking on the carpet. If you have used a lot of carpet shampoo, you have to see to it that the carpet was rinsed well and let it dry for a plenty of time. You should also wear a cover for your shoes or socks to prevent the soil from your shoes to spoil the carpet. And lastly, remember to defend yourself from fumes. Make sure you to air your room with fan or open the windows and doors while cleaning to prevent from smelling the cleaning detergent you have used. It is advisable to go outside after the steaming session to avoid having a headache from the smell. Myer updates the tips for you to have an efficient carpet cleaning.